Decolonizing Child Welfare Webinar Learning Series

Join us on our journey as we open a new chapter in our ongoing work and vision of transforming child welfare in the city of Toronto.

In October, we launched a bi-monthly Child Welfare Learning Series for community and partners devoted to explaining and examining the Child and Family Well-being services that the agency provides to Toronto’s Indigenous community. The Learning Series will begin with an overview of the current state of Indigenous child welfare services in Toronto, including a review of the challenges and opportunities for a redesign in the context of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action, the enactment of Bill C-92 and the Child Welfare Redesign initiatives in the province of Ontario. Development of the Learning Series modules will require Native Child and Family Services of Toronto to undergo a critical examination of our child and family well-being services, including standards, service eligibility criteria, assessment tools, and current practices. The purpose of this critical examination will be to identify priorities for a redesign to reduce the number of Indigenous children in care and ensure that all Indigenous children in care are placed with extended family or, at minimum, in their communities with strong connections to their families.

Decolonizing Child Welfare Webinar Learning Series #2
Monday December 13 at 1 PM EST

DCW Learning Series #2 Graphic


Webinar #2 of our Learning Series focuses on the most important decisions made in child welfare arising from the Intake and Assessment process.

Please join us to explore how Child and Family Wellbeing teams respond to concerns about the safety of children and how we connect families and children to early interventions, holistic healing, and prevention services that lessen the need for intrusive child welfare interventions and keep children safe. Attend the discussion to hear how we ensure that families stay together and are safely supported with culture and community.

Each webinar in this learning series will be recorded and posted below for viewing.

In this first Learning Series webinar we discussed the history of NCFST in relation to its provincial child welfare mandate, provided an overview of the core interventions and services that are offered from referral to case closure, and we told the story of our efforts to provide prevention and early intervention to mitigate the harms caused by colonial child welfare services.

Join our host Terri Jaffe, and the following panelists:

  • Vivian Roy, Knowledge Keeper;
  • Kenn Richard, Founder and Director of Special Projects;
  • Jeffrey Schiffer, Executive Director;
  • Mark Atanasoff, Director of Quality Assurance and Decolonization.

On Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we hosted a webinar event and made an announcement on our new commitment and dedication to continue the journey to Decolonize Indigenous Child Welfare services in the city of Toronto.

Read the full announcement here.

Our webinar welcomed a panel of community leaders who spoke about the challenges and opportunities for transforming child welfare services following the first five Calls to Action of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  What might Indigenous child welfare services look like five years from now?

Join host Bob Goulais, and the following panelists:

  • Jocelyn Formsma, Executive Director, National Association of Friendship Centres;
  • Irwin Elman, Former Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth;
  • Pat Green, Traditional Knowledge Keeper;
  • Micheal Miller, Executive Director, Association of Native Child and Family Services Agencies of Ontario
  • Jeffrey Schiffer, Executive Director, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto