Band Engagement

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto (NCFST) strives to keep children and families connected to their First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Urban Aboriginal communities to provide a life of quality, caring and well-being. NCFST’s Band Engagement Liaison actively works to develop, enhance and sustain working relationships with bands and Aboriginal communities by advancing communication and knowledge of child welfare systems and practices through active, meaningful engagement.


By fostering mutually respectful relationships, our Band Engagement Liaison works in partnership with bands and Aboriginal community representatives to strengthen the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being of Aboriginal children, youth and families. We recognize that the wisdom, values and traditional practices of bands and communities are critical to advancing strong identities and self-determination for the families we serve.

Through a spirit of understanding, respect and collaboration, the Band Engagement Liaison works to:

  • Develop capacity with bands and Aboriginal communities regarding the child welfare system and Child Youth and Family Services Act (CYFSA);
  • Plan, coordinate and lead engagements with First Nations, Métis, Inuit and Urban Aboriginal communities;
  • Build and negotiate protocols with bands with respect to Band Council Resolutions (BCR), Customary Care Agreements and permanency planning for children and youth;
  • Construct mutually beneficial relationships by promoting the best interest of Aboriginal children and families;
  • Educate and build NCFST’s internal capacity regarding all band relationships, traditions, values and protocols; and
  • Develop an understanding of traditions and practices with mainstream children’s aid societies while assisting with ongoing interactions and protocols when engaging with bands, territories and Aboriginal communities.