Holistic Services

Aboriginal peoples have been living and raising children in holistic, cultural, and community-centred ways since time immemorial. Colonial policies and practices including Residential Schools and the Sixties Scoop have led to intergenerational trauma, which for many, has resulted in a loss of connection with family, culture and knowledge of Aboriginal parenting and family life.
Holistic services offers Aboriginal families an opportunity to heal their trauma and to work toward healthier family relationships within the context of their own culture. Holistic Services also provides prevention services by supporting children, youth, adults and their families on their journey towards a life that is balanced; spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. This is achieved by weaving together traditional Aboriginal cultural teachings and individual, group and family counselling.

Holistic services provides the following services to individuals and families:

  • Case management for concurrent disorders;
  • Individual, group, and family counselling;
  • Children’s mental health assessment and treatment;
  • Youth mental health support;
  • Support to women, men and children where intimate partner violence has occurred;
  • Support to women involved in human trafficking and education and consultation to the community about human trafficking;
  • School board social workers;
  • Original talking circles; and
  • Developmental Service workers.
Holistic services are delivered in a way that is rooted in Aboriginal ways of being and ground in cultural practice using land-based techniques designed to support healing in a good way. Clinical interventions could include individual or group work, participation in circles, on the land activities and educational offerings among other practises.
To make a referral, please call Intake for Holistic Services at: (416) 969-8510