Parenting Supports


Confident and engaged caregivers are vital to the success of their child’s development and the health of the community they live in.  Family Supports Services provides education and early intervention supports to caregivers and children that are inclusive, holistic and culturally responsive. We embrace a service model of empowerment that focuses on building parenting skills and relationships.  Caregivers of young children, 0-6 years, will work with a family support worker to assess and case manage services designed to meet their unique needs.  We provide a circle of care (wrap-around) through one-to-one counselling, home visiting, group-based education and drop-in programming.


Our workers will also stand beside caregivers to navigate external Aboriginal and mainstream services that impact their lives directly including housing, employment, counselling and food security.   We will also connect and encourage caregiver participation in a full range of cultural events, ceremonies and teachings at NCFST to strengthen their understanding of traditions, customs and practices grounded in Aboriginal wisdom and world views.


There are no fees connected to Family Support Services and participants will be assisted with transportation to and from services with TTC tokens. Aboriginal caregivers and children are welcome to participate in NCFST Family Supports independently of child welfare involvement.


The Family Support Program provides a positive, culturally safe space through a complete service wrap-around.

Our Programs:

Kognassaowin (Parenting in a Good Way) focuses on Aboriginal early childhood development by providing caregivers and parents education and support for children ages 0-6 years.  We recognize that everyday life is stressful and small problems can lead to bigger issues.  Kognassaowin teaches age appropriate play and engagement by offering programs and skill development to effectively meet the child where “they are at”  by nurturing their spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual needs.  We work with caregivers in a non-judgemental way building upon existing strengths through facilitated groups, workshops, in-home supports and drop-ins.

Ninoshe (aunties) provide caregivers with supportive counselling, education and case management.  Ninoshes will work with caregivers and their children by running parenting and pre/postnatal groups.  Our programming will also provide in-home support and will assist caregivers to navigate external Aboriginal and mainstream services to help them meet the basic, spiritual and social needs of their families.

Programs offered across the city for male caregivers and their families to promote health and well-being, resiliency and cultural connection. Drumming, cooking, healthy relations and interactive learning experiences are embedded in culture.

Community Action Programs for Children (CAP-C) assists caregivers with parent education and supports to improve their understanding of childhood development and self care.  It strives to improve parent-child relationships and teaches caregivers to develop positive ways for child regulation and re-enforcement (discipline).  Programing includes Beyond the Basic Parenting and Positive Parenting through groups workshops and seminars that provide caregivers with the knowledge and tools to parent positively and with confidence.  CAP-C programming also fosters positive relationship building and networking to reduce isolation and build social skills through traditional arts and crafts, events and community kitchens.