Native Child and Family Services of Toronto strives to provide a life of quality, well-being, caring and healing for children and families in the Toronto Native Community.

We do this by creating a service model that is culture-based and respects the values of Native people, the extended family, and the right to self-determination.

teddy and tipi
  • We continue to provide services to families through regular check-ins and provision of concrete assistance whenever needed.
  • We continue to support the foster and customary care community with increased financial assistance and additional resources for children and youth during COVID-19.
  • We continue to provide parenting support (Ninoshe) services for enrolled families.
  • The Ode’l Min Health Clinic is now operating virtually every Monday for community consults.
  • The Tikinagan Pre-Post Natal team continues to serve expecting and recent community mothers and families.
  • Holistic Healing Services is providing support to community members through video or telephone counselling. Please call Intake services at 416-969-8510.
  • Scarborough Child and Family Life Centre:
    • Youth Justice Worker’s available between 9-5: 437-216-9873
    • For emergency after-hours assistance: 416-969-8510.
  • Virtual programming on Instagram for Aboriginal EarlyON and Aboriginal Head Start programs:
  • Native Youth Resource Centre (NYRC):
    • Youth in Transition Worker: 416-892-4589
    • Housing Advocate Worker: 437-217-3278
    • Education and Employment Case Manager: 437-237-4826
    • Youth Justice Worker: 416-722-5476
    • Youth Outreach Worker: 416-894-9760
    • Follow us on Instagram:

Contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week

If any member of the public or a professional has a concern about the safety and/or well-being of a child or youth under 18, they should immediately contact us at (416) 969-8510.