Clinical Services

Clinical Services is a combination of Aboriginal approaches to healing and clinical practices such as individual and family counselling, group work, and case management.

Case Management offers a variety of services such as assessments, referrals, supportive counselling and advocacy. For community members with combined addiction and mental health issues, developmental issues, and youth with mental health and addiction issues, there is specialized case management available.

The Mooka’am Clinic (meaning: New Dawn) is based on Aboriginal worldviews and values and integrates Aboriginal healing practices with counselling for children, teens and adults. A number of techniques utilized include play-based activities for children, theraplay for parents and children, family and couple counselling.

Individual and Family Therapy practices (including access to the Mooka’am Clinic) combine Aboriginal worldviews, values and healing practices with a variety of counselling techniques. Workers honour where community members are at by developing positive relationships to facilitate healing with compassion for each person’s unique journey.

Anti- human trafficking has been developed in response to the growing awareness nationally of the increase in human trafficking for Indigenous community members. This team helps youth and women move through the system and begin their healing journey. Our program collaborates with other groups to address the systemic issues that leave community members more vulnerable. As a response to the increased rates of trafficking within the community we serve we have developed training for community members to identify and respond to signs of trafficking.

varies according to the identified needs of community members. Each season a calendar of programming is developed and made available. See here for more info.

Holistic Family Violence Prevention

Our Holistic Family Violence Prevention Program includes a comprehensive response to violence within families that is rooted in the Aboriginal belief that in order to help one member of a family all the other members need to be supported. Our program, therefore, supports both the victim of violence, their children and the perpetrators, though teachings, ceremonies, case management, supportive counselling and groups.

The PAR Program is a circle for those who are before the courts due to domestic violence. In this 12 week mandated program participants learn about colonization, the roots of violence, their triggers, and coping strategies.

The Here to Help Circle is for community members and their children who have witnessed and suffered from violence. In a safe and supportive circle children and their caregivers learn about the impact of violence in their lives and ways to heal from it.

The Women’s Empowerment Circle is for women to begin healing from past trauma including family violence and to address their issues and begin their healing.

Journey of the Peaceful Warrior is a group for men in the community who are interested in accepting responsibility for self-change and to gain control over their lives. Through the circle participants learn about traditional culture and how to develop healthy relationships with self and others, improve self-esteem and increase knowledge and pride in Indigenous identity.