Mdewgaan Lodge (Medicine Lodge)

Mdewgaan Lodge (mi-day-gaan) will serve Aboriginal women with young children who are struggling with addiction issues and mental health challenges related to complex trauma and poverty, and who are either homeless, precariously housed, or at risk of homelessness. The program will stem the flow of children into child welfare, breaking down historical cycles, and addressing the overrepresentation of Aboriginal children in the child welfare system. Our services are trauma-informed and holistic, utilizing Traditional Healing, Traditional Counselling, and Land-based Cultural Programming combined with mainstream clinical interventions.

The program is provided in three phases; pre-healing circles with optional medically-supervised withdrawal management or detox program in CAMH’s onsite treatment facility, then the residential healing phase at Mdewgaan Lodge supported by NCFST’s Mooka’am Family Healing Center, followed by a 12-month aftercare program and the ability to access NCSFT Transitional Houses.

Mdewgaan Lodge will provide a safe, secure, and substance-free environment, enabling women and children to move forward on their journey; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Through this process, both addiction and mental health-related symptoms will be addressed.

Mdewgaan (mi-day-gaan) – Medicine Lodge