Don’t know what to do to support the Indigenous community?
Here are Indigenous resources and ways to support and amplify Indigenous voices.

Make a donation.

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto has a charitable program that welcomes donations from people who wish to help in a tangible way. Donations are used to support Indigenous families, children, and youth in the Toronto area. We use the donations to support our On the Land programs and to further develop our ability to grow within the philanthropic sector.

Please visit the Indigenous Spirit Fund Website

​Learn about the residential school system and its ongoing impacts. 

Attend Indigenous events where non-Indigenous people are invited.

  • Many take place virtually and can be viewed after the fact. Wear orange to demonstrate your support for survivors and their families.

Further Resources:

Film/Video Resources:

There are many films and videos online that are available to stream.  Below is a small collection to get you started.